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Making Brain Treatment Faster,Safer & More Effective

After the 5-day,non-invasive drug-free Clarity therapy,parents have watched their child speak for the first time,grandparents have regained their ability to recognize their grandchildren and students have no longer needed medication in order to focus and excel in school.

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Clarity Chair is the evolution of traditional therapies for brain based conditions and symptoms,made more effective and efficient with the unrivaled capabilities of technology.Taking the same proven science and well established methods of past relied upon therapies and maximizing the benefits.

The Clarity Chair Benefits

  • Coordination
  • Tantrums
  • Listening
  • Following directions
  • Sensitivity to light,sound & touch
  • Interacting with peers
    • Talking & ability to communicate
    • Attention span
  • Sleep & fatigue
  • Remembering
  • Stress & worry
  • Irritability

*Our website is under construction,in the meantime feel free to contact us.

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